Monday, August 12, 2013

Game on...

It is Monday...and there are only two more weeks of summer! This summer has actually been quite nice, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited for the start of school (perhaps I won't say this so freely when I have older kids who will have projects, over-my-head math homework, etc. to complete!).

Anyway, it is one of the first days this summer that we had absolutely nothing planned. All the camps (and we did a bunch of camps!) are over. Most of my friends are busy enjoying some end-of-summer family time. There was a mom's club playdate at a local park with a wading creek. It is lovely there, but five wet kids (and fear of having to chase Lucy INTO the creek!) made that a no-go for us!

So, we went to the mall. It was actually a nice outing (always hit-or-miss for me!). We spent some time at the Bass Pro Shop looking at the fish and animals (although Gianna was asking an awful lot of questions about why there were dead animals hanging everywhere...hmm...never thought about it!). Then we went to the indoor playground. There was only one other child there (extremely rare). He was about 5-years-old. Luckily, he and my kids got into a very lively, good-natured game of tag!

The kids got hungry for lunch early (I never cease to be amazed at how soon they want to eat again...not that I can talk!). We went up to the food court for some pizza. We squished around a food court table and everyone was eating nicely. It was wonderful.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an elderly woman with a walker very slowly approaching our table. I looked up and smiled. I could tell that she wanted to talk to us.

She came up to us and made the sign of the cross to give us a blessing. She commented on  our "beautiful family"...three girls and two boys...and then noticed that I'm pregnant (hard to miss, but I was sitting down!). She told me to stand up. "Okay!?," I said.

She then informed me that we are having another boy. I told her that was possible, but we didn't know the gender. She said that she just knew that it was a boy. I was wondering if she had an "in" with God (she seemed like a holy woman because of the blessing and medals around her neck). But rather, she told me, it is because of how I am carrying the baby in front. If it was a girl, the weight would be more in my hips and butt (funny, I think I've gained plenty of weight in my hips and butt...HA!).

Justin (almost 3) looked at her in the eye with a defiant look. He told her, "NO. When I'm "free" (he'll be three next month), I am having a baby SISTER."

She told him again that it's a boy. I waited for Justin's response. He kept the look on his face but decided not to engage. Smart boy...I wouldn't mess with her either!

"Game On," I thought! As I told my husband this morning, this baby is due to come (God willing) in 10 short weeks.

Can't wait to see who is right!!! God Bless this baby boy or girl and all elderly people (beginning with our friend from today!).

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