Monday, September 9, 2013

Another reason...

...why Jesus wants us to be like children...

Yesterday, September 8th, was the Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday. I saw it posted on facebook (I get the daily feed from a number of nice Catholic sites) first thing in the morning, and in my head I muttered, "Oh yeah...Happy Birthday, Mary." I said it again to a statue of her at Mass. That was it!

Compare that to the reaction of my 7-year-old, Gianna. I told her over breakfast that it was Mary's birthday. She was overjoyed! Immediately she thought of cake (this child seriously likes treats!). I told her that since I will be making a cake later this week (we have two kids who have a birthday on September 13th...including Gianna's 7th), I did not want to make one. She was only momentarily disappointed.

After breakfast, she asked for a piece of white paper (my children seem to think that creativity can only happen on a completely blank piece of white paper!). She drew her version of Our Lady of Guadalupe (there are three variations in the picture above!) and an "I Love Mary" sign. She hung them up to honor Mary. We also sang Happy Birthday at each meal AND after bedtime prayers. Lucy loved this as her language development is exploding and she loves recognizable melodies!

I can't help but think that Mary must be quite pleased! And I feel like quite the slacker :). Maybe (or maybe not...there's dishes and laundry and a 4-year-old who could use some one-on-one time while the others nap/at school!)...I will get off the computer and try to squeeze in a few decades of the Rosary...

Or, maybe I could make that cake (is two cakes in one week such a bad thing!?).

Happy Birthday, Mary! I pray that Gianna will hold on to her enthusiasm...and continue to bring me (and hopefully others) closer to our Blessed Mother and her Son!

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