Tuesday, September 24, 2013

St. Pumpkin...

We are still deciding on a name for this baby (and not knowing the gender isn't helping!).

We have only a few names that are in the running for each gender. The main thing that we agree on is that we would like to choose a saint's name (all of our children have saint's names for both first and middle names). So, I am re-reading all of my books about saints to see if any names jump out at me (even though this is pretty useless at this point...my husband vetoes a lot of my favorites...and has for five previous babies!).

One of my favorite books (well worth the read even when I'm not trying to pick a name!) is 'The Incorruptibles' by Joan Carroll Cruz. It is "a study of the incorruption of the bodies of various Catholic saints and beati." Meaning, it is a book about the known saints whose bodies did not decay (even centuries) after their deaths.

It is completely fascinating to me! And, if you are having a "down" day when it comes to your faith in God, this book will help you believe again really fast...because, this incorruption thing is completely unnatural and miraculous!!!

Anyway, I was "reading" (more like scanning a couple of saints) this book one afternoon last week. One thing that came up for multiple saints was a "heavenly aroma" surrounding their dead bodies. It is described as the "best scent they've ever smelled"...and they're talking about dead bodies. I'm no expert, but I don't think they're supposed to smell that good :).

I was contemplating this "heavenly scent" as I went into the family room to snuggle with Cecilia (her movie had ended and she was debating what to do next). Suddenly, I smelled something...heavenly!?! So strange.

It was definitely coming from my daughter...but, I was at a loss as she hadn't showered since the previous night. I asked why she smelled so tasty!?! She said, "You know that new soap in the bathroom...I just washed my feet."

OH...I had forgotten about the new soap (a good friend had given it to me for my birthday...gotta love little thoughtful gifts!). My husband must have found it and put it in the bathroom for my playdate this morning. Mystery solved...

Too bad Pumpkin Cupcake isn't a name in the running :).

God Bless the baby inside of me...whatever his/her name is! I'm going to get off the computer now and browse another book!

I didn't realize that Cecilia was into washing her feet in her spare time!

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