Thursday, September 5, 2013

Changing Roles...

Gianna is going to be 7 next week. She's very excited for her birthday. We're not having a party, so I gave her a list of special things that she can choose from. She is having a lot of fun thinking about how much fun she will have!

I'm not feeling sad about her turning 7. I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that she is very much still a little girl (mentally, that is)...she is physically tall for her age, so most people think she is in 2nd or 3rd grade rather than 1st!

She is still into princesses and she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up (interesting choice as she has never even taken ballet!). This is all great with me. I have no desire for her to discover the tween-ish things that some of her friends have moved on to!

She is incredibly sweet and affectionate. And, of all my children, she craves adult attention THE MOST! I sometimes feel bad that I am not able to give her all the time and attention that she desires...but, I hope that being a loved member of a large(r) family will serve her well in the long run...and help her develop strong morals, values, and an unselfish character!

All 5 kids doing a craft together at the local nature center!
 Luckily, SO FAR, I have been able to take all of my children to a place...and they all have fun (a benefit to being so close in age!). This has been the case at the local mall. There is an indoor playground (thank goodness during the long winters!), and all of my children run around, make friends, and enjoy themselves.

That is...until they "upgraded" the playground last week.

They have been talking about upgrades for a long time, and I was excited (it has been the exact same since I started taking Gianna there as a toddler). It was kinda getting worse for all the wear.

We went to the mall on Saturday (it was a super humid day and I wanted an indoor location!). We got to the playground, and my first thought was, "Oh NO!" Although nice (with a new heavily padded rug), it was definitely geared toward the 3 and under crowd (although my 4- and 5-year-olds seemed quite pleased).

Upon discovering this, Gianna said to me, "What am I supposed to do here!?" I was a little sad as this was the first time that I felt that I could not happily entertain all the children at the same place! It had been a great convenience. I knew the day would come...but I wasn't ready for it!

In a moment of grace (thanks, Holy Spirit), I told Gianna that her new role could be a Mother's Helper. I told her that Lucy, age 1, would need help navigating the new playground, and my pregnant body would just love to sit and watch rather than chasing a toddler! I wasn't sure if Gianna would go for it...

but...she did!!! And, she was fabulous with Lucy. Although Lucy wanted to do most things on her own (my fiercely independent climber), Gianna was attentive and quick to lend a hand so Lucy didn't fall. I could see that Gianna was very proud to be useful, and I enjoyed watching her in this new role...I hope that she continues to be my helper (in expanding ways) when this baby comes next month.

And...she can continue to enjoy princesses and dance around the living her free time...HA!

Gianna's "birthday bud" (she and Justin share a birthday!) is turning 3 next week. And, he started the new role of "preschool student" today!! He did tears! Because he has a September birthday, he had to go into the 2-year-old classroom this year. So, he'll be the oldest in the class. But, he looked very handsome and mature with his new (hand-me-down) backpack! I think he will love it.

After I dropped him off, I went upstairs to drop off Cecilia in her 4-year-old Pre-K class. We are so blessed to have amazing teachers at this great school! I know she will have an amazing year. She happily went into the same room that she watched Gianna and Joseph file into yesterday (I mean in years past!).

I got back into the elevator with Lucy...and I frantically started looking for Justin. My heart was in my throat because I thought I had left him somewhere. For three years, he has been at my side.......

Silly me! All these new roles...

God bless us and help us all!

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