Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have resisted letting technology come into my far. Of course, as I write this, three of the kids are glued to the TV screen (Catholic schools are off today for a conference, so everyone is home!). So, I haven't totally shunned it...we all need a little down time! But, there is no cable...only PBS and videos that I buy (the nice thing about this is that they do not see commercials with the latest toys...).

I am talking more about the Nintendo DS, Kindle, Wii type of things...

I am not going to debate the pros/cons of such things as I grew up with early versions, and I *think* I'm okay! And, I know a lot of my friends enforce usage rules to limit harm done.

But, for us, so far, I'm happy to keep our lives a little simpler. Not to say that my children are not Kindergartener and 1st grader have Smart Boards in their classrooms, they are allowed an occasional educational game on the family computer, and they'll often ask me to text or e-mail a friend's mom to set up a playdate. So, they are well aware...

My husband and I have had conversations about buying a Wii (or something else) for the family. And, I'm positive that we will as the kids get older...but so far, we haven't. We always seem to have the conversation and come around to the same conclusion...not yet.

I do admit to going stir crazy with the children at times, but there are awesome benefits to limiting TV/computer/etc. exposure. For example, the $3 male and female scarecrows in the above picture. Those, coupled with the 3-year-old crown which Justin received at preschool, have provided HOURS of imaginative play at my house over the past 48-hours.

I picked up the scarecrows at Christmas Tree Shop thinking that they would look cute on my porch. I had no idea that they would quickly become members of the family. The children (without exception) love them. This has happened countless times before (I spend very little money on something small, and provide limitless mistake!). It never fails to amaze me!

I am trying to appreciate and cultivate the simple joys and blessings of childhood...playing with siblings, entertaining yourself (no screens allowed!), fresh air, imagination, and laughter! I'm trying to think of the quarrels/meltdowns that inevitably occur (after all, there are only 2 scarecrows for 5 children!) as character building (for me and them)!!! On occasion, they will problem solve and figure out new ways to share/include others on their that!

Happy fall (almost...3 days or so until my favorite season officially begins...)! Not sure if those scarecrows will ever grace my porch, but regardless, the best $6 I've spent in a long time!

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