Monday, July 22, 2013

Call Me Martha...

Joseph made this very simple picture for me on Saturday afternoon. It was so simple, but it made my day!

It was a very hot and humid Saturday afternoon. My motivation to get the kids out and about was extremely low.......

Yet, staying home to cries of, "I'm bored", "What do we do now?"...and all the moods/quarrels that come with those questions...just wasn't even an option :).

So, I started getting the kids ready to go...somewhere...location TBD (I did not want to be outside, and child-friendly inside locations in Harrisburg are pretty limited...this is when I really miss having family around!).

Getting the kids ready to go anywhere is a lot of work (don't have to tell moms that!). There's just no way around it.

Everyone needs a snack, everyone needs the proper clothes/shoes/etc., everyone needs to use the restroom/new diaper. And then, I must pack water bottles (tons of them in this humidity) and more snacks (learned my lesson too many times without snacks!). I must make myself presentable (ha...lost cause!) and remember to eat something myself so I don't melt along side the kids (also learned my lesson too many times!).

Because it was Saturday, my husband was home. So, I should have had some help. Now, this is not a Daddy-bashing husband is generally very helpful with the kids (and the housework...bonus!).

But, on this particular afternoon, he was lying on the couch...simply enjoying the children.

He was tickling some, getting his back stratched by others, and just plain fooling around. Everyone seemed pretty content and joyful.

Everyone except me, that is! I was getting very annoyed.

Didn't my husband realize that these fun-loving moments would only last but a moment...and then the kids would be hungry, cranky, bored, and whiny again!?

I experience these lovely moments with the children daily...and I live for them! But, they are so short-lived. I always need to think beyond them to stay sane.

I hated to be the bad guy and make all the fun stop...but someone had to be the voice of reason! Our afternoon would be much better if we got out for a bit!

So, I stopped the fun. And, the kids all hated me for it. With very little cooperation from the kids (at least Daddy helped when I asked), we got everyone out the door. And, we were all probably better for it.

But, I was cranky! Two things made me feel better.

The first thing happened Saturday evening when I was making dinner. Joseph gave me this simple tell me that he loved me (perfect timing!).

The other thing was Sunday morning's popular Gospel about Martha and Mary. You know the one...Martha was angry because she was doing all the work and Mary was just sitting there enjoying Jesus!

Hmmm...sounded familiar! I was Martha doing all the work and Daddy was Mary simply enjoying the presence of his children!

The priest brought up the point of appropriate balance in his one is called to be Mary all the time...but, no one is called to be Martha all the time either!

I have got Martha down to an art :). I think I really need to work on being Mary more. least not be grumpy when my husband chooses to be Mary on the weekend...HA! :)

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