Monday, July 8, 2013


We are home! It feels good to be back to our routine. But, it was SO good to get away. We spent a week in the Boston area visiting my family. I wouldn't call it a vacation (the long car rides and nights in the hotel...because we've done the trip in a single day and it was a nightmare...were anything but a vacation!). But, the time spent with family, special day trips, and change of scenery were priceless!

It started a few months ago. I love Harrisburg (it really is a great place to raise a family), but I started feeling very land locked. I was really missing New England. In particular, I wanted to see the ocean in New Hampshire. For five summers, I taught at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH, and it became a second home. I couldn't wait to get back there every summer. I wanted to go home again.

We did go to Exeter. While driving there, I had visions of walking around the gorgeous campus with a coffee and bagel (from one of the many awesome coffee shops in this quaint New England village downtown) and reliving countless great memories.

In reality, it was raining as we pulled on campus. And, the kids were really sick of being in the car. They started asking if there were playgrounds here? Anything fun for kids? I was quickly back in reality. You can't go back home (at least not in this case!). How my life has changed (for the better...I was praying for marriage and children all the years that I spent there!)!

So, we ditched Exeter (without even getting out of the car) and headed to the beach.

The picture above is from our very memorable visit! It doesn't look a thing like all my friend's pictures that are being posted on facebook this month! There are no cute pictures of kids digging in the sand...for good reason: We really could've used our winter coats!

The forecast for New Hampshire that day was partly cloudy, 80, and humid. We thought we would take a chance as it was our only day without plans. We parked our car at the beach and my husband and I had a brief conversation about whether to bother with bathing suits. We thought it might be too cool. This thought was confirmed the second that I opened the car door...and felt the BLUSTERY COLD air (somehow it was lost on us that the parking attendant had on sweat pants and a rain jacket)!

We still went down to the water. And, it was still awesome. Looking out at the ocean always makes me contemplate God's majesty. I loved watching my children see the vast ocean for the first time. They were moments that I won't forget any time soon! Although, I think Justin would rather forget it...

I wrapped Lucy in a blanket (she only had a sundress on) and was snuggling with her for warmth!

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