Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not A One...

Sporting one of his many CARS shirts!
Joseph is my deep thinker. We'll be driving along and he'll often catch me off guard with questions about what it will be like in heaven (or something equally as thoughtful).

This happened yesterday when we were driving home from camp. We drove by a local pool and he saw the kids swimming. It did look mighty attractive as it was pushing 90 and super humid!

Joseph: "Mom, remember when you on a racing swim team when you were a kid?" (This had come up on our recent trip to Boston...I think either my father or one of my brothers told Joseph that I used to be on our recreation swim team every summer for years).

Me: "Yes, Joseph. I remember."

Joseph: "Well, how many races did you win!?"

Me: "Not a one."

Joseph (in complete shock): "You mean you never, ever, ever won a race...not even once!?"

Me: "Nope."

After a long pause...

Joseph: "That's okay, Mom. In CARS I learned that there's a lot more to racing than winning."

Ha! I'm so glad that he's learned something useful! I know those movies are good for his imagination (he's spent hours recreating races), but I didn't realize that he'd taken something of value from them.

I told him that maybe some day he can be on a swim team (doesn't seem likely now as we're still working on putting his face in the water...after many, many swimming lessons!).

Here's hoping he wins at least one race. Winning isn't everything, but it sure would've been nice (just once!). :)

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