Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A few mornings this week I have run errands with my three youngest children when the older two were at camp (ironically, it's a lot harder with the older two...they complain more about being bored and they ask for more stuff!).

In every store (at least once), someone comments on the children (all positive things this week!), and the fact that I am pregnant.

"Wow," they say, "Going for #4, huh!?" I used to go out of my way to explain that I have other children, but I have stopped doing that (and I have stopped feeling like I am denying them...ha!). I don't want to shock people too bad (or confirm their suspicions that I am crazy!). :)

The questions really don't really bother me much (most people are just making conversation and being kind...and I love socializing with people), but I do think it's funny that we are such a conversation starter.

People feel so very free to comment on family size (and ask lots of questions about if I'm done yet, etc.) like it is their business! My husband brought up the point (it bothers him a lot more than it bothers me) that we would NEVER imagine going up to a couple without children and asking them why they don't have any children!

I was asked a question three times in recent weeks and it really cracked me up. I was out at Target with just Cecilia and Lucy (above). Even though Lucy doesn't have much hair yet (ha!), she was all dressed up girly just like her big sis (Cecilia rarely wears anything but a dress or a skirt!).

Upon noticing that I am pregnant, people would ask: " have two girls...are you trying for a boy!?!"

The only response that jumped into my mind was this: "Yes!!! Their brothers would love that!"

I didn't say it. I just explained (for some reason) that we have boys at home, and we don't know the gender...but we are SO excited to find out! Then come the comments about the possible Brady Bunch...

We'll see :). We have gone girl-boy-girl-boy-girl...but, a friend pointed out that the odds are not in our favor to continue this pattern! We will be delighted either way. Thank you God for a healthy pregnancy.

This week I am shopping for a bigger used vehicle (our minivan only seats 7). This is not very fun (we're on a tight budget and I'd rather do other things with my time)!

Imagine the comments when we pull up in our bus (I'm kidding...I hope!).

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