Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Brief Reprieve!

There is an appointed time for everything,
and a time for every affair under the heavens.

Late July is the time of year to be hot and humid. Last week, it was 90+ by day and 70+ by night. I'm not complaining (well, not really!), but this morning brought a most pleasant surprise.

I woke up to the rising sun coming into my room (6:25 a.m. to be exact!) and my windows wide open. And...I was actually chilly (only 55 degrees out). was glorious!

I'm so used to waking up (many times a night) sweating (I blame the baby inside of me!). So, being cold was a nice way to start the day. The added bonus was that all the kids were still sleeping, so I got a few sips of coffee in before they started arriving in the kitchen!

I saw the forecast for the day as I ate my cereal. Sunny, 80 for a high, and LOW humidity...does it get any better!?

I hate to think that the weather has a big impact on my mood, energy level, and positive outlook for the day...but sadly, I think it does (perhaps that why I named my blog "Seasons!?").

Not to say I can't have an awesome day when it's hot and humid or pouring rain/snow, but I tend to start off with a sunnier disposition and natural high on these "perfect" weather days...especially in late July when I don't expect it!

It's only mid-day, but the loveliness of this morning has continued.

My three oldest kids are going to a Vacation Bible School at Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish this week. It is a special parish for me...all of my children have been baptized there. We don't belong anymore...because now that we have school-age children, it makes more sense for the kids to go to the local parish school (which is also great). But, it still feels like home.

The VBS starts early (since we're in summer mode!) at 9 a.m. It's about 1/2 hour away we must leave at 8:30 a.m. This has proven to be very challenging to have five children (and myself) fed, dressed, and out the door!

But, it has been so worth it! It is a most refreshing change for us (a reprieve from playground summer camps and the same ole/same ole!). My kids are having fun while learning about their faith, and I'm getting the chance to catch up with old friends. They are friends that I don't communicate with that often (due to our busy lives), but people who I adore spending time with! I am better for spending time with them.

This afternoon Gianna has a gymnastics show. She's been enjoying a mini-summer session (it got too expensive to take lessons all, it was too much with school, soccer, swimming, and Daisies). Summer is a perfect chance for her to work on her cartwheels.

Daddy is coming home early so I can go to the show, and then we'll pick up a pizza for dinner. Have I mentioned that I like this day!? 

Thank you God for a most beautiful day. Days like this really help me on this journey. But, please help me to remember that all your days are precious gifts...

...even the 90+ humid ones to return (it is late July after all...)!

Wishing you refreshment and renewal in some form today! Thanks for reading.

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