Monday, July 29, 2013

Special indeed...

July 27th is one of our favorite days of the year! It's Cecilia's birthday. She is 4!

Although it goes without saying, all of my children bring me tremendous joy (I always feel like I need to say that before I start to talk about one in particular!!). But, there is just something special about Cecilia. I'm not the only one who says this either!

A few nights before she was born (actually, it was her due date), my husband and I were enjoying (well, I think I would've rather been in labor!) a date at Applebee's. My mom was down from Boston to watch Gianna and Joseph, and we got a couple of unexpected date nights (because labor simply wasn't beginning!). Gianna was 2 days early, and Joseph was 3 days early, so I thought for sure that I would go a little early...

This lady came over from a nearby booth to tell me that God just told her that the baby inside of me was indeed very special! She asked if she could say a quick prayer with us. "What the heck," we thought...who can't use prayers!?!

We laughed about this later. Isn't every baby very special!? Maybe she just wasn't used to seeing a lady SO pregnant sitting in a booth at Applebee's...Cecilia was almost 9 pounds when she was born!

Four years later, Cecilia is indeed very special. She just seems to pick things up. I never potty-trained her...she just decided it was time when she was 2. She wrote her name at 3...again, I never sat down with her to teach her this...she just starting practicing the letters.

She has a fantastic imagination and sense of humor. She is a wonderful sister (she gets along well with all of her siblings...most of the time!). And, she *almost* never fails to bring a big smile to my face. She is like a breath of fresh air...I can't explain it!

We had a princess party for her birthday. Six little friends came over for manicures, dress-up, pizza, and cake. She was in her glory!

Right now, she's at Hersheypark with Daddy, Gianna, and Joseph. I came home so Justin and Lucy can nap (one of the benefits of living 10 minutes away!). I am going to get off the computer so that I can enjoy the silence...before it's gone :).

Thank you God for Cecilia and her siblings. Please help her to have an amazing year. St. Cecilia, pray for us!

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