Thursday, June 19, 2014

Feeling the love...

Girls dressed for last soccer game of the season (and their biggest cheerleader!)
I'm tired again. And, it's not because of lack of sleep now! Luckily, the steroids did their job and I am now able to sleep again (at least for a little bit until hormones kick in certain times of my monthly cycle, I just cannot sleep!).
Rather, it's because of the crazy schedule that we are keeping this week. My three oldest kids are attending two Catholic vacation bible schools this week. One in the morning and one in the evening!
And, they LOVE them! They are NOT tired...rather, they are energized and hyped up on God's love!
I love that they are enjoying them so much. And, it is very helpful for me. We can keep to a nice routine, and I don't have to entertain for hours on end! The first VBS ends at 12 and the other starts at 6, so they still have plenty of unscheduled "down" time to be with me and each other! The scheduled time just cuts down significantly on the fighting and restlessness that can set in during the long summer days!
The morning VBS is on the "west shore." For those who don't know, the Susquehanna River runs through the middle of the city of Harrisburg, PA. The two sides are called "east shore" and "west shore." I live on the east shore. When we moved here, people told us that we probably would never go over to the west shore. And, it's pretty true! I do go over perhaps once a month or so to do an errand (there is slightly better shopping over there!) or to visit my husband's family who live over there. But, everything I need is right here!!!
Anyway, because the VBS is on the west shore, I am staying over there for the three hours when the kids are there. Which means I have a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant to entertain for three hours! I met a friend at a museum yesterday and the company was heavenly. The other three days, I have been on my own. And, I'm TIRED!!!
To everyone who told me that I had my hands full (and there were tons!), I readily agreed!!! Depending on the moment, sometimes I added a line, such as, "Yes! Full of blessings!" But other times, I just shook my hand and appreciated that someone noticed that it is HARD work to keep three little ones safe and somewhat happy!
I am always amazed at how even my little ones are in tune with my moods. For example, if I am normally affectionate while doing a task, they are concerned and confused if I am more serious or downright unhappy. I am usually very playful with Lucy when I am getting her dressed or changing her diaper. We both enjoy the time together.
When I was trying to quickly change her diaper in the van today however, I wasn't as gentle as I usually am (for many, humid, stinky, tight quarters, other kids acting up, in a hurry, etc.!). Lucy said the equivalent of (in 2-year-old language): "Mommy, don't you love Lucy"? She didn't FEEL the love even though changing her stinky diaper was an act of love!
Here's praying for the graces that I need to make sure that my children feel loved. It is easy for me to rationalize that everything I do is for my family (cleaning, laundry, meal prep, disciplining, sacrificing free time, etc.). Most moms do this.
But, I think that good moms make sure that their family FEELS the love behind all the actions. I'm writing about this, in part, because I want to remember this.
Just a reflection. I had better rest up now...or, no one will be feeling the love from mama tonight :).


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