Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maybe I Won't...

Everyday is crazy hair day for Teresa...especially when Daddy styles it!
It's been a stressful start to summer. GOOD, but stressful! I am fighting a cold and I have several cold sores on my lips (usually brought on by stress!), so my body is adjusting to the new normal (days starting by 6:30 a.m. and not stopping until bed time!).

Today has been a good day! The older three went to camp, and we are expecting some friends to come over after nap time (only problem is that it is raining...and I'm worried about all these big kids in the house...especially since we don't have any electronics to keep them still!).

After I dropped off the big kids at camp, I realized that I had no plans for the three little ones and myself! Lucy (age 2) is a nightmare in stores right now, plus I hate going into stores when I don't need anything because I'll find lots of things to buy! I didn't want to go home either...

I was saved by the bell! As I was driving out of the parking lot, I heard the text message 'bing'. I am trying hard  not to touch my cell phone when I am driving. I would never/have never texted/looked at a text while driving, but I used to make a call or answer the phone if it was ringing. No more. Living next to a family who lost their little boy to a distracted driver has made my resolve very firm. Plus, I want to set an example for my children.

Anyway, I looked for a place to pull over to check my text. If I had a destination (ha!), I never would have done this. But, occasionally friends text to see if we want to meet up, and this morning would have been a great morning to meet up! The next available turn just happened to be into the empty parking lot of one of the local elementary schools. School let out last week, so there was no one there.

I checked my text and it was a friend who wanted to get together later this week. Darn...I was hoping for an immediate playdate :).

As I was about to pull out of the parking lot and continue to ???, Lucy noticed the playgrounds...not one, but two. It is a very dreary day here in Central Pennsylvania. It's very humid, gray, drizzly, and kind of cool.

Justin started to ask for the playground too. I told the kids that everything would be wet, but they persisted. I certainly wasn't in the mood for this. But, what was the harm to stop for a few minutes? So I parked.

And, as happens occasionally, we spent a delightful hour there. Yes, everything was wet and there were puddles everywhere. But, that seemed to make it more fun (they had their crocs on, so I really didn't care if they stepped in puddles!).

There was a very badly drawn map of the United States painted on the basketball court, and Justin and Lucy jumped from state to state asking me what state they were on. I guessed a lot (it wasn't a very good map because Massachusetts was missing from New England...and I KNOW where that state is!).

I sat down on a wet bench nearby to nurse the baby. And, I was happy. I loved watching my children play. I wish I had my camera to capture the moment, but I stored it in my heart. Another reminder that some of the best things in life are free and unplanned.

The next time my children want to go to a playground on a damp, drizzly, gray, humid day, I will probably say no. But, maybe I won't...

I'm not crafty...but I tried to make "moon dust" for kids. They loved it! It's gonna be a long summer :).

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