Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summing it up!

Love spending more time with my big boy now that he's done with school! Lucy's on the move...always!
My husband had to go back to work last night after the kids were in bed. June is one of his busiest months of the year. It is one of mine too!

After he left for work, the baby promptly fell into a deep sleep. This doesn't always happen so early! Some nights she wants to stay up to snuggle and nurse. I usually put something mindless on TV and just enjoy her! For many reasons, I am thinking that my little love bug Teresa might be my last baby. So, I'm trying to soak it all in (now that I said that out loud, I may be announcing a pregnancy soon...ha!).

Anyway, snuggling is great. But, if she wants to go to sleep, no complaints :). I love spending time with my husband in the evenings, but alone is nice too. Last night I was all alone. It was so still, so quiet. I sat down on the coach in the living room (purposely NOT the room with the TV as I wanted to savor the silence!). I realized how tired I really was! I thought I would fall asleep in minutes if I let myself lie down...

But, I had an overwhelming desire to pray the Rosary (it might be the two statues of Mary staring at me from the book case...or one of many Rosary books on the shelves!). Ya think?

I have SO much on my heart at all times, and I know that the best thing I can do is give it all to Mary. She will take it to Jesus and my load will be lighter. I will receive great graces to make this vocation of motherhood seem easier. I will be peaceful and happy. I know this. Yet, I (wrongly) convince myself that since I can't sit down to focus on the whole Rosary (way too many distractions!) that I shouldn't even start it.

No distractions last night!!! So, I said the Rosary. I fell asleep a few times, and I felt my mind wandering off instead of meditating on the mysteries! But, I did it. And, I love that I did it because I felt filled.

I hear that Lucy is up from her nap (bummer!) so I must run. But, I want to share a quote that I just read. It seems to sum up what happened to me last night...

We can often see more than we have ever seen and understand messages when we take the time alone. Left alone, we take time. Left alone, we experience differently. Left alone, we are filled. Venturing out on one’s own, we are rewarded. Some days, Mary wants us one-on-one.

Hope you find some alone time today...

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