Friday, June 27, 2014

No mom's night out for me...

My big kids!
I would label myself as a very social, friendly, somewhat outgoing introvert! I LOVE being with people (and I start to feel very sad when I do not connect with others in person on a regular basis), yet I then need to retreat (even from my!) to get my energy back.

My three older children are doing another Vacation Bible School at night this week. But, there's a huge problem for me! It doesn't end until 8:45ish. This gets them home at 9...and then they need showers, snacks, etc. I am not getting my alone time at night (I cannot stay up past 10:30 or I start to get a migraine headache...bummer, huh!?), and I can feel it.

I try to be flexible and to put myself last...but, I have to take care of myself too and I NEED time by myself (although my husband can be fact, it's better when he is!) in order to stay well-balanced and sane! I know that a 7:30-8:00 p.m. lights out bedtime cannot last forever. But, I fully intend to institute the same rule that my mother did: Kids (of all ages) must be in their rooms by a reasonable time and then they may read as long as they want!

I've been invited to quite a few mom's nights out recently. Teresa (8 months) has been a convenient (and true!) excuse for why I couldn't attend. But, now she is at an age when I COULD probably go out. She eats food pretty well now, and she'll go down without nursing! By 8:30, she's usually down for the night. But, I still find myself saying no.
I've never had a baby with brown hair her!!!

It's even surprising to me! I love being with my friends, and I love going out for drinks (and dancing...although it's been a long time since I've done that) with girlfriends!

But, after being with my kids all afternoon and evening, I just need to be alone and then I need...SLEEP!!! I find that I can't function (well) without these!

This aspect of my personality is not a flaw (although I sometimes feel like it is). If I get the time that I need (and it's really just an hour in the middle of the day and an hour at the end of the day), I am able to be the best wife and mommy (that's not to say that there isn't a lot of room for improvement!). Self-knowledge is good!!!

BUT, I'm writing this post because I want to work on treating people (my children!) well even if I don't get the time off that I seek! For example, since I've been writing this, Gianna has come in twice asking me if she could change the movie (no), Joseph wanted chocolate milk (asked him to get himself some water), Cecilia lost her gum (UGH! The only thing I do know is that it's not in her hair...this time!), and Justin needed help in the bathroom. As I'm finishing this blog post, I hear Lucy and Teresa stirring from their naps! I tried to respond to each request as politely as I could (while reminding them that mommy really needs a short break to be a good mommy!).

Blessed Mother, please help me to take care of myself because then I will be able to more lovingly take care for others!!! Give me graces to act loving when I feel that I do not have anything left to give. Help me to know and to change what needs to be changed about myself.

sacred heart of jesus photo: sacred heart SacredHeartJesus.jpg

Today we honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have a very special framed picture that I have treasured from my youth. It's been in a box in the basement since we moved..woops!!! When the kids play in water this afternoon (it's mighty hot out there!), I'm determined to find it and put it in a place of honor (look up Jesus' promises to St. Margaret Mary for honoring his Sacred Heart...they're awesome!!!).

Take care all! Thanks for reading!

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