Monday, August 11, 2014

A League of Her Own...


Last night I was so proud of Gianna. It was opening night of football season at Holy Name of Jesus. It started with a 6 p.m. beautiful Mass for all the football players, cheerleaders, and their families. Our pastor gave a great homily. And...the best part...I actually got to sit and listen to it (usually I'm out of the church and running around the narthex with Lucy and Teresa at this point in the Mass!).

After "Field Mass," we all marched over to the football field where they introduced each and every member of all the teams (it's actually a football league with pee wees, midgets, ponies, etc. Gianna is technically a K-2 Majorette!) this took a while!

When it was their turn, the 30+ group of Majorettes ran onto the field. Gianna made eye contact with me as she got into her spot (I was able to sit in the front row of the bleachers!). I know that she was nervous as that's all she talked about on the car ride over to church.

Nerves and all, she did awesome! She completed the routine almost perfectly (as well as anyone else out there!), and the best part for me...about half way through, she made eye contact with me and gave me a huge smile. It was one of those moments when tears come to your eyes because you can't even believe that God has given you the gift of this child!!!

Jump ahead about 15 hours and I was having the opposite feelings (not that I'm proud of them). Gianna and Joseph are attending soccer camp this week as soccer season starts soon. It is from 9-12 a.m. and today was the first day.

Gianna attended this camp last year and she enjoyed it because it was not too intense (some of the parents that I was with last year were complaining that it was too "light" with too many games and popsicles breaks...I thought it was a good fit for my child!).

Well, the complaining parents must have complained to the right people because this morning was anything but "light!" When I got back to pick them up around 11ish (I dropped them off this morning and then did a few errands with the little kids before heading back to hang out for the last hour!), I was met by a very angry Gianna (Joseph was fine...sweaty and out of water...but pretty happy).

Gianna ran up to me (it was a water break), and in front of a lot of people we know, demanded to know why in the world I had signed her up for such a long camp. Didn't I know that she doesn't like to run that much and that these stupid drills aren't important for soccer anyway!?!

I was mortified. I quickly tried to diffuse the situation by offering a snack (no snacks provided this year...I didn't realize that) and some extra water. After a short pep talk, I sent her back out to the field. She finished the camp, but she was not happy when it was over. And, she was letting everyone know about it!!!

My proud, loving feelings from last evening were replaced with anger. We had paid a good deal of money for this camp, after all! And, the exercise is very good for her, and she will undoubtedly pick up a skill or two regardless of what she thinks!!!

I thought about it on the way home. I suppose it was a little "long" (her biggest complaint). I love to exercise, but even to me, playing soccer for three hours in the hot sun suddenly seemed a little extreme! Gianna is not bad at soccer (she has greatly improved in the three years that she has played, contributes regularly to the team during games, and she seems to enjoy it most of the time), but she definitely seems to prefer Majorettes, art, and swimming.

Lucy's gonna miss the big kids when they go to school!
The plan is that she will finish out the week of soccer camp (hopefully sending snacks and extra water will help). And, since she is all signed up for the season, she will play this fall. And then, I can't really see spending money on soccer if it's not HER choice to play (I didn't ask her!).

So, I guess this is the beginning of the end of soccer! It's a nice reminder to me that God's plans for my children may not necessarily match my plans for my children :). And, now that she's getting older, I need to listen to and respect Gianna's opinions and feelings...even when I don't agree with them.

So easy to write this, but...gonna need some major help, guidance, and humility here, Blessed Mother :).

Have a good day, everyone!

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