Saturday, August 2, 2014

Even when...

Cecilia's blond hair shimmers in the sunlight!
My three oldest have gone to an embarrassing number of Vacation Bible Schools this summer! They have been to three Catholic ones, but the Protestant churches around here put on some very nice ones too. Vacation Bible School is right up my (or very inexpensive), FUN, and focused on praising and worshipping God...what is not to love!?!

Sadly, they are done now for the summer (and I still have three weeks to survive before school starts!). We do have soccer camp and tennis camp to look forward to though!

Anyway, last Sunday, my husband said that he felt our family was "VBS'd out." Meaning, "Enough already with the Vacation Bible Schools!"

He had a point. Although each has been a valuable experience, it is kind of a lot to ask young kids to walk into a completely new setting each week...often not knowing a soul except each other! They often refused to get out of the car at Monday morning arrival due to nerves, but then begged me to go back day after day (even after I offered to cut this last one short and send them to playground camp instead!).

Anyway, the theme of many of the camps has been, "Even if you are (insert adjective), Jesus still loves you." For example, "Even if you are left out, Jesus still loves you."

What a valuable message!!! I should recite this to myself when I am having a nervous breakdown at 4:30 p.m. every afternoon :). "Even when six kids are melting around you and you have no idea what is for dinner, Jesus still loves you!"

Anyway, Cecilia has apparently internalized this message very well. We were driving to VBS on Thursday, and it happened to be "crazy sock day." Gianna picked out Christmas socks. Joseph decided that his regular socks were crazy enough (um, plain gray with stripes...okay!), and Cecilia decided to go sans socks and wear sandals.

I did not push "crazy socks" as I had enough going on making sure that everyone was dressed, ate breakfast, hair brushed, etc.! I love that the older ones...especially Gianna (who can now get her own bowl of cereal and pour drinks for herself and others...woot woot!)...are starting to be more independent.

Back to the story! We were driving when Joseph discovered (to his dismay!) that not only did Cecilia not have crazy socks on, but rather, NO socks at all! The nerve...

Cecilia calmly responded (love when there's no drama, tears, or tattling), "Joseph, it is okay. Even when I do not wear socks, Jesus still loves me!"

That a girl :).

Have a blessed week everyone!

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