Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shoo Fly...

Monday was my birthday. I decided that it would be lovely to spend the day alone with my children (Daddy had to work). In fact, I had something special in mind. A few months ago, I visited a beautiful small parish in our Diocese. It's not very far away (only about 20 minutes), but it's in the mountains...and it's simply lovely! And, there is great playground on the property. My goal was to play for a while at the playground, take pictures in the Mary Garden (above), and then enjoy the picnic lunch that I had packed.

We pulled in and my heart was singing. The weather was perfect and it was as picturesque as I remembered! The kids saw the playground and started to run right for it! Perfect. For about three minutes :).

Three minutes was how long it took all of us to realize that we needed to leave NOW. Why? Because we were being attacked my swarming little flies (they are usually not a problem in this part of the country, but I'm told they're so bad this year because of the very wet summer!).

I'm not sure what they're called, but man, they're annoying! I didn't have bug spray with me either (we've since bought some!). A few got caught in my contact lenses which was gross. Moments later, the baby was chewing on the ones that flew into her mouth...which was much grosser. Time to go!!!

Hurry up and smile so we can get out of here!
We did stop at the Mary Garden. And, I almost got a good shot (above!). The highlight was that the beautiful church was open (didn't think it would be on a weekday morning). We lit a candle for Mary's intercession and then a candle for St. Joseph's intercession. And then my very last $5 went into the poor box (it seemed like a great teaching moment...).

On the way home, we stopped by the Wildwood Nature Center. My children love it there, and it's free! It's also closed on Monday's. Can't win :(.

To make it up to all the disappointed kiddos in the car (and to improve my mood!), we stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home. I got a Toasted Almond Coffee (heavenly) and the kids split 2 donuts (2 donuts for 5 kids doesn't go far, but they knew better than to least Teresa doesn't eat donuts yet!).

It wasn't the birthday that I dreamed of. But, if I put it all into perspective, it kind of WAS the birthday of my dreams! I spent a gorgeous day with my greatest treasures. I received a beautiful card and gift from my loving husband. Some bonuses include my health, a nice home in a great free country, and plenty of food (and even coffee!).

A few flies can't take all this away :).

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