Friday, August 29, 2014

Right by both of us...

Lucy has a big girl bed :). It's earlier than I wanted (I love cribs!), but I saw how she was climbing out of the crib and it scared me! She's delighted...and so is Teresa who can stand up holding on to the bed!
I have been praying about a decision a lot lately. It has to do with my almost 4-year-old, Justin. Preschool starts next week, and I still don't know what I'm going to do! He's most definitely going, but I don't know how often!

He is currently signed up for five days at two schools. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are at the Christian Nursery School that all my kids have gone to (including Justin himself last year!). I know his teachers well (they are lovely women), and they know our family well. I know that it would be a great group of children and families. I signed him up in February (I arrived at the school at 4:30 a.m. and sat in a friend's car until the doors opened at 7 a.m.!).

Over the summer, Justin was driving me crazy. I say this very lovingly (although it doesn't sound very loving...ha!). He was just being 3-1/2-year-old with all the usual challenges (potty training, random meltdowns, temper tantrums, driving his little sister crazy, etc.!). I did not sign him up for any camps (although he was old enough to go to all the vacation bible schools with his older siblings!) because I thought he needed the summer off from stress (he loved school when he was there, but he has a lot of anxiety at first). The result was being together 24/7. I was a little anxious for him to be enrolled in activities this fall :).

Long story short, after a few phone calls and some paperwork, we were blessed with a scholarship for him to attend Holy Name's preschool (this is our parish and the school that my older kids attend). This preschool is Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I went to the orientation meeting last night and I am thrilled that he will have such a loving, gentle teacher in a solid Catholic atmosphere. He is definitely starting there next week. The scholarship seals the deal!

Cecilia had her first day of kindergarten and she LOVED it!!! Here's a shot of the kids before the bus came!
So, 5 days or 2 days?

MY answer is 5 days!!! He will be the oldest one in the 3-year-old class (he has to go into a 3-year-old class even though he'll be 4 in a couple of weeks...don't get me started...I HATE this law!). It's only 2.5 hours a day, and he will (eventually...after nerves wear off) have FUN! He will practice socializing with children his own age (of all my kids, he's the shyest), and he will gain important academic skills.

HIS answer is NO days...but, if he truly understood it, he would choose 2 days. And, the unselfish person in me (it would be really nice to have him go to school each kids and I tend to be happier at home for the rest of the day once we've gotten out for a little bit!) thinks that 2 days is the better option of the two. I think going to two schools would be stressful for any small child as there will be two sets of rules, all those new faces to get used to, different teaching styles, etc.

So, what's my answer? I really want to do right by both of us. I'll let you know!!! God hasn't told me yet. Although maybe He has (did I read what I just wrote!?) and I'm just not ready to hear yet...

Cecilia and Lucy love walking their baby dolls while waiting for the bus! However, now Cecilia is ON the bus ;).
Funny story though...

Justin was in my lap and he kissed the Miraculous Medal that I wear around my neck. He said, "I love Mary!" I told him that was great and that she loves him too. I tried to introduce a new concept of prayer to him (the fact that he can talk to Jesus and Mary on his own...not just during family prayers). He looked at me very weird before saying,

"But...them don't talk...them are dead."

Ha!!! I figured that I should stop there instead of trying to explain more concepts that he wouldn't understand.

It sure would be easier if Jesus or Mary would speak to us out loud about all the big and little decisions of motherhood, huh!?!

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