Friday, August 22, 2014

I made it!!!!

In the hurricane chamber at a local museum! Winds at over 100mph! starts on Monday (it's Friday!).

I came very close to losing my mind this week. And, that would've been a shame after staying pretty sane all summer :).

Last night was the 1st grade meeting at Holy Name of Jesus School. Joseph is a 1st grader so I had to attend (even though Gianna was just in 1st grade and I thought I would know everything...and I did!). I was greeted by one of the kindergarten aides who innocently said, "It was a quick summer, huh?" I did my best to remain calm. I had an awful afternoon, so I joked that, in fact, NO!, it hadn't been quick at all :).

The principal overheard this and joked with me that I was probably the happiest person in the building to be attending a meeting. She was probably right...Daddy was going to bathe all the children and they would (fingers crossed!) all be in their bedrooms by the time that I got home (and they were!).

Gianna danced around the room with Teresa to the theme song of Curious George...Teresa loved it!
It hasn't been a bad week, mind you. As always, there have been countless blessings. But, I think the kids are just ready to be back in school. The fighting, tattling, boredom, and restlessness are at a summer high. There hasn't been any camp this week (besides an hour tennis lesson for Gianna and Joseph in the mornings), and the kids are very quick to argue with me about...everything!!!

They did spent over an hour trying to catch a worm this week. Despite all the objections, I sent them outside to play after movie/rest time was over one day. Joseph came inside to plead their case to me. Since I will not allow any pets (deprived children!), maybe they could catch a worm that they would leave outside at all times in a cup full of dirt. How could I possibly say no to that!?

They caught a worm (the site of five kids digging with plastic spoons in the bad yard was something. I was just glad that everyone was occupied so I could focus on the baby!) and named him, "Truck" (NO idea why!). The next morning, Justin came to tell me very solemnly that, "Truck is dead." I did my best not to laugh (and I did feel guilty for about 10 seconds for not letting them have a real pet!).

When Gianna and Joseph played tennis, the younger three ran through empty baseball fields!
I love watching my kids run.
Joseph gave me the laugh of the week. He randomly told me as I was putting away laundry that I was going to be a grandmother soon. I literally laughed outloud!!!

I asked him, "What in the world are you talking about?" He told me that he is growing up fast (true enough) and that he might want to get married someday and be a dad. Therefore, I would be a grandmother (I think it because he was very interested in how I am related to Papa, Nana, and Uncle Bobby who came last week).

Fertility has been on my mind a lot recently. Although, I am talking about my own fertility...not that of my future daughter-in-law ;).

As a practicing Catholic who is practicing Natural Family Planning, it has to be on my mind. I am amazed at how much my emotions, moods, and my physical body are affected by where I am in my monthly cycle (I still suffer from low progesterone when I am not pregnant too). On any given day, I am very "tuned in" and I have a pretty good idea of what it going on (although there's always some doubt too!). Anyway, fertility is never far from my mind.

Little did I know that I do not need to worry about's time to think about grandchildren. Silly me ;).

God willing, next time I write, the school year will have begun and we will be settling into a new routine. Stay tuned...

I never go down in my basement...but I did when it was raining this week. I thought my presence would
cut down on the fighting...but it didn't :).

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