Saturday, March 16, 2013

All Together!?

My husband and I are learning how to navigate our "big" family in the world. I grew up in a big-ish family, so nothing seems too weird! It just requires all kinds of special planning to keep everyone sane and safe when we venture out :).

Today was the first Saturday in two months that we did not have swimming lessons. Saturday morning soccer games start in a few weeks, so we took advantage of our free day and headed to Lancaster, PA to enjoy a children's museum that the children adore. It turned out to be a great way to spend a snowy/sleety/freezing day in March!

When we were finally getting into the minivan to leave this morning, Joseph asked a question. He said, "We're ALL going!? All together!?" He sounded excited.

I realized that it's been a very long time since ALL of us went anywhere together! We used to go to Mass together as a family. This was stressful, but manageable because Joseph and Cecilia have CCD during Mass. However, Lucy REALLY needs to nap at 10:15...not go to Mass, so we've been going separately. I love the idea of going to Mass as a family, but I must admit that I absolutely love going alone and actually....praying! This will change in a few months when she no longer needs that morning nap.

Because our children are so young, we are just beginning to understand what our lives will be like as a "big" family! We'll get a good taste of it when soccer starts in a couple of weeks. There will be two practices and two games every week (in addition to swimming lessons and Daisies)...and, it is not practical to take the whole family to these events, so we will be splitting up the family...a lot!

And...this is for only two kids...I can't really even begin to think about what it will be like when the younger ones are ready to play :).

What I do know is that it can work. And, kids can thrive! I have a wonderful example in my husband's brother's family. They have 8 kids, ranging in age from 15 to 1. The oldest 6 kids are very involved in sports, music, dance, etc. They are very well-rounded, friendly, smart children growing up in a very loving Catholic home. Right now, they are my role models :).

So, one day at a time! Just like I said in my last post, God will help us and show us the way when the time comes. For today, I'm just grateful that I had a wonderful day with my whole family...All Together!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love, The O'Bolster (see Joseph's hat from preschool above!) Family

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