Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy's Holy Week...

I am not supposed to be this tired. My baby is almost one...and all of my babies sleep through most of the night by age one. Almost all of my babies, that is! The stinker above is the hold out. She will just not stay asleep (she just slept for only a 1/2 hour nap after a VERY busy morning! I will get her once I finish typing this...fingers crossed that it's just a fluke and she'll roll over...yeah, right!).

I am hesitant to let her "cry it out" at night (I have done in the past with some of my others...and luckily, it was usually only a night or two) because she's been having trouble with her ears. If they're not infected, they are filled with fluid which I'm told can cause uncomfortable pressure when lying down.

She finished the antibiotics for her last double ear infection only a few days ago. And last night was AWFUL. I hate not knowing if it's her ears again!

My husband and I joke about buying one of those things that the doctors use to look into ears. I actually just found out that they do sell instruments that measure fluid in the eardrum to let you know the "likelihood" of infection. However, the reviews were all over the board...and most of the ones I read said save your money (so I will...).

It seems right that it is Holy Week. I'm SO ready for Easter and spring weather (it's snowing...again...and it's making me grumpy)! But, first, I want to offer my suffering up to Jesus for all He must endure this week. My little inconveniences aren't much in the grand scheme of things, but I'm grateful that He appreciates it when I lay them at the Cross :).

This is the second year in a row that Lucy is making my Holy Week very productive (and I'd rather have this cup taken away!!!). Last year, I was in a very slow labor process the entire week until she was born on Easter Sunday. This year, I'm walking around in a haze and smiling at my baby...even though I am NOT happy to see her (again. so soon.).

I'm going to go get my baby who is screaming...and call the pediatrician. She's still not the best sleeper when she has an ear infection (maybe up twice a night), but I'll take it over the 8-10 times of last night! Sleep tight everyone. Have a very holy Holy Week. I look forward to greeting the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday (and hopefully, I'll be well-rested (or just slightly rested) to do so!).

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