Saturday, March 2, 2013

Minding my own business...

Most of the time, I go about my own life. Thank God, I have quite enough to keep my mind, heart, and body occupied right here at home! I also spend quite a bit of time thinking about my family in Boston and my close friends. I try to turn all my worries into prayer and positive actions (much easier said than done!).

Every once in a while though, something random gets to me. And then it stays with me. And stays some more. Society would tell me to mind my own business...and I guess I do, because I don't actually say anything. I will write about it on my blog instead...I love having an outlet :).

This week I had a routine blood test at the OB/GYN. I have been going to this office for years now (and quite frequently when I'm pregnant!), so I know most of the medical assistants. The girl who drew my blood this time was no exception. I remember when she first started. Since then, she has gotten married and had a son. She is no more than 25-years-old (I remember she told me her age when we were chatting a few years ago).

When she called me back, I noticed that she was expecting again. I told her Congratulations! I asked about her son and if she knew what gender she was having this time. She told me, "A girl! Then we'll have a boy and a girl...and we will be done."

What should I say to that?! I just smiled at her. Inside I had a million thoughts going through my head. I told myself that it's not my job to change her mind. It's none of my business. She probably already knows what I feel about this as my 5th baby looks at us from her stroller.

I feel sad for her. I just wonder if she thought about God's plan for her family? It may very well be that God's plan is these two children...and she will be incredibly blessed. But, what if God has another soul in mind? At 25, she has a lot of years of fertility left. And, at the ripe old age of 37, I know I have become quite a different person than I was at 25. Hopefully, she and her husband will leave their healthy bodies alone in case their hearts change in the future (I say hopefully because another friend just joked about her husband's vasectomy this month...because he can rest up while watching March Madness basketball. Again, I didn't say anything).

In God's plan lies our happiness and true, lasting peace. And, though things may not be my business, we are all the body of Christ, and I do wish my sisters and brothers true and lasting peace. Ok, I'll take my nose back now :).

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