Monday, March 4, 2013

Never a dull moment...

My children always manage to make me laugh. I can miss these moments if I'm not careful. Often times, another child is louder, needier, or more demanding (or I'm just not in a perceptive mood), so I unintentionally tune out some potentially very sweet memories! 

I'm trying to be more cognizant of capturing some of these precious moments (in my heart and on this blog) in their fleeting childhoods.

Cecilia plays with her baby dolls a lot. It is very entertaining to listen to her. She is constantly changing her name and the baby's name and creating fun scenarios for them: I'm Kayla, this is my baby Olivia, and we're off to the hospital so I can have another baby! Or, I'm Trish and this is my baby Lucy, and we're off to hike in the woods (gee, I love hiking...I don't know that I'd bring Lucy though!).

My favorite Cecilia moment this weekend was when I asked her about her field trip to the grocery store on Friday. I asked her favorite part, and she said, "Petting the monsters in the tank." Huh?! "You know...the monsters...they crawl around and you eat them." OH...LOBSTERS!

Gianna told me this morning over breakfast that she thinks that she would like to try being Italian :).

I told her that the only Italian thing about her is her first name! She sits next to a little girl on the bus to and from school who is Italian (as in her parents speak Italian at home and she used to live in Italy!). I told Gianna that I would love to visit Italy. God willing, we can make a pilgrimage there together when she grows up! This made her happy...she was a little upset at first at the news that we cannot switch nationalities!

This picture of Lucy was taken right before she got a giant egg on her forehead. She was practicing her standing under the kitchen table and she lost her footing. I wasn't home at the time. The first thing my husband said when I got home was: "I hope you don't have any pictures scheduled for Lucy this week!" 

Justin was sleeping when Lucy fell. Upon seeing her forehead for the first time, he looked VERY concerned. He ran out of the room and came back with Lucy's jacket. "Mommy, take Lucy to the doctor!!!" 

This is an old Joseph story, but I reminded him about it today and we had a good laugh. When Joseph was 3, he learned the song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He innocently thought that the spider was named Elizabeth, like his cousin. So he sang to everyone, "E-liz-a-beth the spider went up the water spout!" It actually fits the tune quite nicely!

I needed to laugh with my children today. My husband is teaching tonight, and it was bitter cold and windy out today. We did have a nice play date to break up our afternoon, but I am quite happy that they are all tucked safely into their warm beds! I'm soon to follow.

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