Monday, May 13, 2013

Dishes be quiet...

My Mother's Day didn't really start well. Justin woke up at 6:30 a.m. He was hungry, wet, very cranky, and apparently lonely (because he woke up everyone within minutes!). ER!

As I forced myself out of bed, my thoughts were not very "motherly." The first one was, "Is it bad that all I want for Mother's Day is a day away from my children!?"

The second one came as my husband wished me a Happy Mother's Day as he reluctantly crawled out of bed too. It was this: "I'm constantly told that I'm going to miss these days...but, honestly...I'm not so sure that I will!"

My attitude stayed for a bit...until my coffee kicked in and I opened my adorable Mother's Day gifts from my three oldest children. My husband also offered some free time later that day (although not too much free time because there was a soccer game at 3:30!).

My thoughts quickly turned to what I could do with an hour of free time! Not too many possibilities as I couldn't go very far, but just the idea of having my husband take over for some of the afternoon was a wonderful feeling! Maybe a hike, or a browse through a bookstore with some coffee, or Adoration...or...

That is...until I remembered that Joseph is going to "graduate" from preschool on Tuesday night, and he is growing so very fast that he has no dress pants that fit. I refuse to have him go on stage in "floods!" Oh well...

So, I spent my free time at Children's Place (at least I had a good coupon!). And, I did stop for some ice cream on the way home.

As I drove, I reflected on the homily from Mass. Father shared some beautiful stories about mothers. And, he stressed that EVERY sacrifice matters. This made me feel good about spending my free time shopping for my children (I ended up buying a ton of summer stuff for Gianna too...again, good coupon!).

After bedtime, I wanted to take a shower and curl up on the couch. But, Lucy was having trouble sleeping. I knew she was exhausted, so I made my room dark and crawled into my bed with her. She curled up on top of me and peacefully fell asleep within minutes. I could've put her down much sooner than I did. But, I thought this was the perfect way to end my Mother's Day.

In my head, I kept hearing an expression that I read on a bib at a yard sale years ago:

"Dishes be quiet. Dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby,
cause baby's don't keep."

Now that I have five kids to take care of, I don't often "rock" Lucy. I'm usually anxious for her to go to bed so that I can finally sit down! But, on Mother's Day, it seemed perfect. And, my thoughts from earlier were long gone. I was glad that I had spent (most) of Mother's Day with my kids; and in fact, I do think that I will miss these days when they are gone!

Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day too!

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