Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Signing off with gratitude...

The girls helped Daddy plant vegetables. We had a huge vegetable garden at our old house...we're hoping to have a more permanent one next year while sticking to planters this year!

...temporarily, this is! I've decided to take the month of June off from blogging. I will still be a columnist on catholicmom.com during this time if you want to check me out there!

I have a strong desire...prompting of the Holy Spirit perhaps...to spend more time reading. I have a stack of spiritual books that I know I will benefit from reading. Yet, I only get a break in the afternoon (when I blog) and at night when the kids go to bed...when I get through only a few pages before falling asleep!

That, and I am working on a larger writing project. It's still in the very beginning stages, but I have this crazy idea to write a book. Even if nothing comes of it (very likely), the process is quite fulfilling. It's really helping me to clarify my mission statement (if you will) of motherhood :).

I just want to thank God for another great prenatal appointment this morning. I was a bit nervous the last few days. I'm 18 weeks now, and besides a few random kicks, I haven't felt much movement. The nurse explained that it might just be the position of the placenta. I go in June for the "big" ultrasound (although we don't find out the gender!).

I also have undiagnosed pneumonia (the doctor didn't want to do a chest x-ray because of the pregnancy). I've had terrible cold and cough symptoms for over a month now. I went to my primary care a few weeks ago, but at that point, he thought it was still just a virus.

Over the holiday weekend, I decided to push the double stroller for a walk. I adore walking...especially on gorgeous, cool spring days. But, I barely made it around our neighborhood. I was short of breath and having ridiculous coughing attacks. Long story short, I'm on three prescriptions and hoping to feel better soon! The steroids caused me a restless night (they make you feel like cleaning your garage at 2 a.m., according to the doctor!), but it gave me a little extra time to pray. I swear that I do my best praying in the middle of the night!

Anyway, wishing you a wonderful, restful month of June. If I miss blogging too much (or if my reading/writing plans are falling through), I will be back sooner. I thank you, as always, for stopping by. May God Bless us all :).

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