Monday, May 6, 2013

Switching it up...

I am trying to remain calm about the quickly approaching summer. When I was getting Gianna ready for kindergarten this morning, I told her that there are only two weeks of school left. She said, "Wow...that's a lot." I told her that, in fact, NO...that is a very short time!!! And then, she will be home with me...all.summer.long.

I do love this child (and all the others!). But, Gianna started preschool on her 3rd birthday, and we are all used to (and quite like!) the school year routine. I think we are all at our best when there is not "too much togetherness," and Mommy doesn't feel pressure to entertain/meet everyone's needs...all day/every day.

At 6-1/2, Gianna likes to be busy with structured activities (much to my dismay, she's not very good at down time on her own). I do my best to get her (and everyone) out and stimulated everyday, but I cannot provide the variety of activities that kindergarten offers :).

So, I'm trying to be at peace about the summer...and all the unplanned hours! I just read something helpful in a magazine. It said that, "Uncertainty is often much worse than real life."

I do know that this is true. I always dread the uncertainty of summer, and happens. And, I rather enjoy it! I just need to keep a grateful and peaceful attitude remembering that I am so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and to have my beautiful, healthy treasures with me all day long...because, this too shall pass quickly!

I am very strict when it comes to my daily routine (another reason why I dread summer...everything that has worked for nine months must go out the window!). It is a survival tool for me raising five young children.

But, I was reminded recently how good it is to switch-it-up! Even something as simple as driving a new route home (I'm constantly driving back and forth to preschool...this will happen when you have one child in the morning and one child in the afternoon!) can put a little bit more spring in my step.

We read bedtime stories in the baby's room/office last night instead of the usual place...just because we were in there. It was different...and nice...I even let Daddy read an extra book (but not a long one!). I'll have to remember that even little switch-ups can make such a difference. Gotta love the little things in life :).

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