Monday, May 20, 2013

My "models"...

We were at the mall yesterday afternoon. It was Sunday afternoon, and I'm not used to actually seeing people at the mall (besides a few mall walkers, stay-at-home moms, and senior citizens...the only people at the mall on weekday mornings!).

As we headed toward our destination store, there was a temporary kiosk set-up for Barbizon. They were looking for models (I suppose!) and handing out bracelets to the kids. Of course, my four older kids went right up to the man offering blue bracelets!

After we said thank you, we all started to walk away. The man touched my shoulder. He said that he would really like me to talk to his supervisor about some of my children. He could sense my hesitation, so he handed me a brochure and told me to please call to set up an appointment for their upcoming model search.

The word "some" stuck with me. "Some" does not work in my family. If one child gets something, they all think they should have one. There is no such thing as giving one child anything...without all the others finding out and tears. Case in point...Cecilia and Lucy were the only ones home with me briefly the other night. I let them each have the last two Popsicles. Lucy is too young to talk, but (even though I told her not to!) Cecilia shared the news as soon as the others walked in the door. You know the rest...

So, having "some" of my children model just wouldn't work! How would I ever in a million years explain to the others that only one or two of them are beautiful enough to be in a magazine (or whatever!!)?

Mind you, I'm not saying that I think my children are model material. I think they are beautiful children (what mother doesn't think her children are beautiful!?)...most of all because they are made in the image and likeness of God.

My next thought, as I tossed the brochure in the nearest trash can, was how I would never want to expose my children to modeling. It might start off very innocent...cute photographs of children having fun in modest outfits. But, how quickly they grow up...and they would have to be good enough (thin enough, tall enough, etc.) to continue.

I never, ever want my children to confuse their worth with their appearance. Because of our toxic culture, I know that they will. I am struggling with gaining weight (again!) even though it is obviously in the best interest of this baby inside of me!!!

I want my children to take care of their bodies by eating right and exercising. And, to take great pride in their appearance (appreciating their God-given natural beauty...simply because they are alive). They are already starting to develop their own sense of fashion (well, Cecilia is!). But, I think we'll hold off on modeling. Unless it's for my crazy, candid pictures like the pajama shot above :).

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