Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our spring accomplishments...

May is a bittersweet month for me. I love the weather (not too hot and humid yet!) and the blossoming of spring all around me, but I hate the end of school (all good things must come to an end...). It's funny how I've changed...when I was a student and a teacher, I couldn't wait for the end of school :).

Joseph graduated from preschool on Tuesday night. He has a lot of emotions about it (but probably not as many as I do!). He is asking a lot of questions about kindergarten, and he wants confirmation that most of his life will remain the same. I assured him that he can still sleep with his Pooh Bear even if he is a big kindergartener (sniff, sniff!). I was SO ready for Gianna to go to kindergarten (she was 6, confident, and just...ready!) will be much harder to put Joseph on that bus in August.

Gianna's accomplishment is tying her shoes...competently, that is! She's been practicing for months...and she could do it if she (and I!) had enough time and patience. But, today was the first time that she tied both of her shoes when she was getting ready for school. I am relieved. This was the hardest thing that I have taught her (so far)...and it made me 100% certain that I could never homeschool my children :).

Miss Lucy can walk! She refused to demonstrate it for the camera (so I captured this smile after she collapsed after 3 or 4 steps). Watching this milestone never gets old...I get so excited for each child as he/she (finally) masters it. I didn't say I'm ready for it (I know what comes next...), but I am proud of her (but not as proud as she is of herself...her smile says it all!).

Just something special to I'm sitting here typing this, I am feeling this new baby move inside of me for the first time (the first time that I am sure that it is not gas, that is...ha!). May has truly been an amazing month.

Thank you God for allowing us to participate in and enjoy all these special moments!

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