Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our senior citizen "playdate"...

It rained on Tuesday morning. This meant that we couldn't go to our playground playdate. I was more bummed than the kids. The kids would've have doubt...but, the playdate was really for me!

I find that time with my girlfriends each day really energizes me and helps me to feel less lonely in the afternoon (until my husband gets home...then I'm fine again). On days when it is just the kids and I...all day...I often start to feel very isolated and overwhelmed. I know from conversations with others that I am not alone! Connecting with others (even if I just meet a new acquaintance briefly at the playground or elsewhere) really makes a huge difference in my day.

Anyway, since our playdate was cancelled, my husband suggested that I go to the mall and look at some curtains that were on sale. Now that summer is approaching, and the sun gets up around 5:45 a.m., we really need some room-darkening curtains to get a *little* extra sleep!

I didn't have anything better to do, so off we went to the mall. I don't go to the mall often anymore. I used to...especially as a new stay-at-home mom without a lot of activities planned...but, not so much anymore (it helps that there are not really many good stores for me to shop at!).

It turned out to be a really nice little morning! Cecilia and Justin entertained themselves by playing hide-and-seek (in every store!), and Lucy was exceptionally happy in her stroller. I treated the kids to an Auntie Anne's pretzel, and we set off to the food court to get Mommy a coffee.

It was at the food court that I "filled up my companionship quota" for the day. It wasn't my girlfriends who provided the fellowship, but rather a lovely group of senior citizens who had gathered for their weekly coffee date.

Three tables strong, they saw us approaching (there weren't many other people at the mall that morning). I guess we kind of stood out...the 2-year-old chasing the 3-year-old and the Mommy running behind them with the stroller!!! And, all of us (well, the children that is!) very blond (I like to pretend I'm a blond when I get my hair highlighted...very infrequently these days!).

With big smiles, the seniors spoke to us. The ladies grabbed my hand to tell me how blessed I was, and the children were enjoying a chorus of, "You're so beautiful!" Cecilia looked like she was on a runway. She was loving all the attention as she walked up and down the aisle between the tables. She asked me if they were all having a playdate.

Justin showed them all his "Big Brother" shirt, and Lucy did her part by waving at them (from the safety of her stroller).

It was a nice couple of minutes. We don't have any local grandparents, so my children don't have doting senior citizens in their lives. And, because we are most often out with groups of adorable children, I don't see mine getting any special treatment or attention (not that they should, mind you). So, it was nice to hear my children admired...and for an unexpected reminder of how incredibly blessed I am (even to just go to the mall with my healthy children on a random Tuesday!).

It turned out to be a great day. We had a playdate that afternoon, and there were 18 children (including my 5) playing at our house. It was a bit crazy, but they were all having a great time...and the rain even held out for them to play in the backyard (it started pouring again as the last car pulled away!).

Another plus...I bought curtains! They are not hung yet, mind you, but I have them!

I hope you find unexpected blessings in your day...thanks for reading.

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