Friday, November 9, 2012

Beautiful, the mess we are...

My good friend Anna took this picture at a park one recent Saturday...Lucy wasn't in the mood, and  Joseph kept saying the sun was in his eyes (even though it was cloudy!). Still cute though! Thanks for your patience with these five wiggly subjects, Anna!

This morning my life was a mess. Literally, that is. Figuratively, my life is very mess-y, but certainly not a mess! This is EXACTLY the life that I always wanted and prayed for (I just have to remind myself of that occasionally!).

I walked downstairs this morning after my too early wake-up call (kids have STILL not adjusted to the time change almost a week later!), and I was greeted by...a mess. Even though I had just cleaned up the living room (we don't have a play room...yet!) just hours earlier (well, it seemed like just hours earlier!), there were toys everywhere. I caught myself in time (not easy before coffee), and I greeted my children warmly instead of reacting to the mess! "Aren't you glad we didn't wake you, Mommy!? We just started playing!"

Breakfast meant spilled cereal, spilled apple juice, and spilled baby food (Lucy likes to "help" now). You wouldn't mind, but the kitchen floor was only mopped last night.

I had to abandon my laundry efforts to get to preschool on time...socks without mates taking over my bedroom. Cecilia tried on every pair of shoes (literally, I think...everyone's shoes!) and left them. Every crayon in the house (exaggeration) was under the arts and crafts table, along with tons of scraps of paper left by someone just learning to use scissors (not an exaggeration).

There were snotty noses and dirty diapers. The minivan is quite scary unto itself. I try to clean all the food/drinks out daily...but, there is always a "treat" that surfaces from under a car seat weeks or months later.

Messes everywhere!!!

Problem is, I often overreact and forget the goodness and blessings behind the messes. I feel so much more peaceful and in control when my life is orderly. I tend to go a little crazy when faced with a bunch of disorder. I'm working on it...but, it's so hard to work on things "in the moment!" (especially when the moments never seem to stop!).

This morning on the way to school, I heard a lyric that was perfect for me (love that!). It was from Amy Grant's song Better Than a Hallelujah, and it said, "Beautiful, the mess we are...."

These messes can give glory to God...if only I can remember that they are beautiful because they are the work of my greatest mess makers!!!

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