Thursday, November 29, 2012

All dressed up for....


Yesterday my mom's club had a pancakes and pajamas party. We showed up dressed in our Christmas best (see above!).  I could've changed their clothes, but everyone looked so nice. I figured a little syrup never hurt anyone :).

The real reason we were dressed up was for our photo shoot! It was not at a professional picture place...because I just couldn't bring myself to go there (more below)!

A few posts ago, I wrote that I felt terrible because Lucy was 7-months-old and I did not have her picture taken professionally at 6 months like all of her siblings. Well, she's almost 8-months-old and not getting any, it was time.

My good friend Anna takes beautiful pictures, and she kindly offered her services and lovely home! I am very pleased with the results. I will print out an 8x10 at Costco, and Lucy can join the baby wall! Thanks, Anna!

So, getting back to the professional picture place strike!

It has really hit me this year how much I hate consumerism. I did not want to put Lucy (or myself) through the never-ending process of taking pictures, selecting pictures, refusing packages, refusing more packages, defending my choices, and convincing someone that I am really okay if I do not buy the CD and lose the 79 pictures that I did not choose...even if they are gone...forever!

I have tons of leftover wallets of Gianna and Joseph as babies because I was not strong enough to say no the second and third cute pose! I've gotten stronger (well...maybe just poorer!).

I know the photographers are only doing their job...and doing it well, in some cases. But, I find the whole process brings out the absolute WORST in me. I try to be a nice person. I like to be kind to people. I know it is good to be assertive, but I find myself being mean when I feel I am being pushed. And, I don't want to be mean. Especially not as the Advent season approaches. My goal for my family is to really focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas this year!

So, Anna was hired, the photographer was spared, and we enjoyed our pancakes...dressed to the nines!

Does anyone know how to get out syrup!?! 

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  1. Thank you for the kind words my dear friend, my home and camera are yours to use any time all I ask is maybe an extra prayer. As for the Syrup I believe white vinegar and or stain remover.