Saturday, November 24, 2012

So grateful for...

OUR NEW HOUSE!!! It wasn't even on the market (hence this picture was quickly snapped during our inspection...kind of a random angle), but God had a plan!

I had mentioned to a fellow preschool mom a while back that I loved her neighborhood (only a mile from our current neighborhood). She told me that she would be on the lookout for any houses that came on the market. I never thought we would buy HER house...but, her family found their dream house and decided it was as good a time as any to sell and move! The timing was perfect for us, and we just love the home! This was my petition to Our Lady of Guadalupe a few posts ago...that if it was God's will, everything would fall into place for us to buy this home. Thank you,  Mary...I will hang your picture in a place of honor in our new home!

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance at preschool asked me how our search for a new home was going. I told her that it was not going well...that we were nervous that we might have to pull out of the contract with our buyers and try again in the spring (when more houses come on the market). As I was trying to not run over anyone while pushing my double stroller through a crowded hallway, she called after me, "God is never late... He just doesn't come early!" I loved this phrase and have shared with many as I tell them how we found our new home...just in time!

I will continue my gratitude list below. I know that society is telling us that Christmas is here (just ask my kids!), but as it is not yet Advent, I am still rather in "thanksgiving" mode!

I am grateful that our new house has this cool SWING SET (it is staying with the house!) VISIBLE FROM THE KITCHEN WINDOW. I have always wanted to make dinner while watching my children play outside. My current kitchen doesn't allow this (I have to hike around the corner and go to the door to check on them), so I will enjoy this!

SIBLINGS! Gianna told me on Thanksgiving morning (appropriate!) that she was glad to have brothers and sisters because she always has someone to play with (or fight with, depending on her mood!). Blessed indeed, Gianna! Amen to that.

SILLY TODDLERS! The other night I was rushing through the bedtime routine. I was so tired and ready to have the children clean and sleeping. Justin (2) was not coming to the bath when called. Frustrated, I went to physically bring him to the tub...and I was not happy. Until I encountered him wearing my shower cap. He was SO proud that he had put it on himself. It snapped me out of my bad mood! I bet I could be snapped out of a lot more bad moods...if only I let go of MY time table and expectations and let my children entertain and delight me! I bet the children would be grateful for a happier mommy.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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