Monday, November 12, 2012

What am I?

Daddy is working tonight. After a crazy dinner hour, I decided to bathe the kids early in hopes of an early bedtime. Sometimes (only sometimes!) changing into their pajamas will change the mood in the house (from chaotic to calm). The kids will (sometimes)play nicely together again when I try to get the laundry folded and put away (thank goodness for 2nd floor laundry...I don't think that I will have it in our new house, and I will miss it greatly!).

The plan worked (tonight). Once the kids were clean and in their sleepers (and the baby was down...she's very early to bed these days!), they started to play doggies and kitties. Gianna was the master mind, and she assigned her siblings a role.

Justin was a doggy because he was cuddly and playful. Cecilia was a kitten because she was cute and had a nice meow. Joseph was a grumpy dog (he was pretty grumpy...not sure why he was a dog rather than a cat!).

I was enjoying listening to them as I folded my laundry. Then I made a big mistake. When they came into my room (crawling on all fours), I asked Gianna what I was (meaning a dog or a cat). Just curious.

She thought for a quiet moment. And then she told me. I was a "great big horse."

Fabulous! Not having the best self-esteem day, I decided not to ask her why!

Serves me right for interrupting!!! At least they're in bed early :). Neigh...Good night!

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