Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Blink...

Lucy is 7-months-old today.

I love this age. She can't move yet (besides rolling around and around!), and she's pretty easygoing if she's not hungry, tired, or stressed (kind of sounds like me...ha!). That smile just warms my heart instantly!

But, I feel terrible that I did not have her picture taken professionally when she was still 6 months old. Only because she will not have a 6-month picture hanging on the wall next to her sibling's baby pictures. This is my favorite age for baby pictures. At 3 months, smiling is hit or miss, and by 9 months, they tend to look at the photographers like they have six heads! But, 6 months is just pure joy because someone is talking to them!

For the record, I did make three separate appointments at my favorite place (I can get one pose...with more sizes/copies than I could ever use in a lifetime...for $9.99. It's quite a process taking 80 pictures to buy one pose, but to capture this precious baby stage is worth it!). Well, the first appointment was cancelled because I was simply not in the mood for the above-mentioned had been a long day! The second appointment was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, and the third because she had a mild case of croup.

My husband recently flipped through one of Gianna's (many) photo albums. As she is the oldest, there is a picture from every day of her first two years of life (an exaggeration, but not by much!). I only have about 5 pictures of Lucy in the recent photo album (although there are more on the computer). I know all those mothers of multiples out there can relate! That's why I at least have to get her on the wall (well, right now, there is no wall of baby pictures...but, hopefully there will be one in our next home!).

I do plan to get her picture taken soon. But, I better hurry because these seven months have been some of the fastest in my life! God bless Lucy on her 7th month or not, we love her dearly!

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