Monday, November 19, 2012

God help those...

Mail carriers!?!

I remember a lot of little things from my childhood that made a big impact (in a good way!) on me. For example, my mom was very good at spontaneous spoken prayer.

I have vivid memories of her saying, "GOD HELP US AND SAVE US ALL!" I now know that she used this phrase when she was at her wits end with us! Her tone gave her away. It was not said calmly or in quiet moments; but rather, when she encountered a war zone in our living room. It was a plea for help for her, for us kids, for everyone! I have lots of "those" moments now, and sometimes (if only a prayer was always my first response!), it comes out of my mouth too!

Another prayer that has stuck with me is for ambulances and fire trucks with sirens blaring. Whenever we would pass an emergency vehicle on the road or hear one in the distance, we would say "God help those people." I still do it to this day, and I am trying to teach this habit to my children.

I am amazed that they seem to remember every time (if only they remembered other stuff this where their shoes go!).

Gianna and Joseph have both prayed for people pulled over by police officers on the side of the road. "Look Mom...God help those people!" I think that it is very likely that those people are praying...for no ticket, that is!

Cecilia, age 3, has a new twist on this whole concept. For the past few weeks, she has been praying every time she sees a mail truck!!! Although her siblings have told her that no one is in need of help, she continues to blurt out, "God help those people!" at first sight of a postman/woman.

I have not corrected her. We all need prayers. And, I'm thinking that with the Christmas season just about upon us, mail carriers probably could use some extra divine intervention!!!

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