Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry Gianna...

I just denied my child. Well, that's dramatic. But, I do feel bad that I just failed to mention her existence :).

I was at the grocery store with the other four children. The grocery shopping part was just fine. Joseph and Cecilia were in the "Tree House", or the child care center which is a child's dream (it even has Wii, so Joseph is in his glory...we don't have it at home!).

Justin is generally very easygoing when we are out. He just followed me around and munched on his free bakery cookie. Lucy was perfect...she was just taking it all in while enjoying her puffs! I even got through the register in record time.

It went downhill quickly after I picked up the kids from the Tree House. I decided to get a few slices of pizza and eat them in the food court. Cecilia has afternoon preschool, and this would save me rushing home and making everyone sandwiches.

This food court is a very popular lunch spot for working professionals...not for stay-at-home moms!

We were causing quite the show. I plastered my "I know what I'm doing...really" smile on my face, and I begged/threatened the children under my breath!

When waiting in line to pay, the customers around me started up a conversation about how many children I had. It was pretty good-natured and they were being kind to the children, so it was nice. We got up to the cashier and she said, "Oh my word! Four children! I have two and that is more than enough."

This is usually the moment when I tell the person that I actually have another child in school. Or, one of the other kids immediately tells them that Gianna is at kindergarten. But, the other kids were running around the beer display, so they weren't there to correct her.

And I just smiled. She seemed shocked enough. I felt insane at the moment (the kids were ganging up against me)...I didn't want to confirm my insanity for other people...HA!

Sorry, Gianna :). We do love you! God, thank you for my priceless children...all of them. Please help me to be the kind and loving mother they deserve...especially when they are acting like monkeys :).

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