Sunday, December 2, 2012

I guess not...

This morning my children were playing a rather advanced game of "doggies and kitties." It is one of my favorites (so innocent, no violence, everyone included, etc.). They play it all by themselves (no encouragement or direction from that!), and they role play very seriously.

The dogs and cats had people names, like Olivia Rose the cat (Cecilia). And, they were practicing to sing Away in a Manger (Gianna will sing this in her first elementary school Christmas show tomorrow night...thus, she was leading the gang!) in a show. The song had appropriate barks and meows interspersed.

Lucy and I were in the kitchen listening to the choir practice in the living room. I was preparing her breakfast, and she was playing in her exersaucer (we finally got it out of storage!).

Suddenly the dog/cat choir came in to serenade Lucy. I guess they had practiced enough and were ready for an audience. Four strong, they stood around the exersaucer and began to sing/bark/meow VERY loudly to a melody that faintly resembled one of my favorite Christmas carols.

Rather than the anticipated smile and laughter, Lucy gave them a positively frightened expression before bursting into tears. Instead of reasoning that they might have been a bit overwhelming and scary to a hungry infant, someone said, "Oh well...I guess she doesn't like animals." Another added, "I guess not. Let's go find Dad."

Daddy was much more receptive, and Lucy enjoyed her breakfast. No harm done. I just love when my children play nicely is one of the sweetest rewards at this stage in my life. The choir was rudely disbanded when it was time for church, but I'm hopeful it'll come back soon!

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