Monday, December 17, 2012

First Christmas...

Here is a picture of Lucy wearing her "My First Christmas" outfit in front of the tree (and Gianna, who didn't like the fact that I wanted a picture of JUST dare I?!).

This outfit doesn't really fit Lucy that well...I could barely snap the onesie closed! So, she had to wear it to celebrate the third Sunday of Advent instead of Christmas Day...I doubt it'll snap at all in 8 days!

I have a picture of Cecilia wearing this outfit also. The size didn't line up for Gianna's first Christmas (maybe that's why she wanted to be in this picture so bad!). It's a special outfit.

As I snapped this picture (this was the only good one...other attempts have her falling backwards into the tree!), I couldn't help but wonder if I will have any more baby girls (or baby boys...but this outfit is a little feminine!) to wear this outfit. We really hope that we are not "done" as we love our growing family, but it is out of our hands. God alone is the author of life.

I am reminded of this fact in a poignant way today as I pray for my sister who mourns the loss of her third baby through miscarriage this past weekend. And, of course, as I continue to pray a Hail Mary every time I think of the families of the Newtown tragedy (at our priest's suggestion during his homily yesterday).

I also have a First Easter outfit....BUT, Lucy was born on Easter Sunday. So, it will technically be her second Easter! I will have to save that one for...God willing...another baby. Or, I will keep it for the memories of Gianna's first Easter (she did get to wear that one!).

Although we can't possibly imagine how right now, good will come of all that happened as good always triumphs over evil. That is why He came. This is another thing that I took from yesterday's homily. Hard to conceive right now...but comforting, no?

Merry First Christmas, Lucy!

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