Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Seasonal Gem...

Yesterday we got 4 inches of snow. I didn't mind a was Saturday and nothing was cancelled! Plus, it was just so pretty.

Around 3:30 p.m., I started the project that is getting the kids ready to go out in the snow! All mothers know this project....complete with, "Are you SURE you don't have to go?" and "Your thumb is NOT in the right place!" Around 4 p.m., the last mitten was on and they were enjoy the last half-hour of daylight :).

Luckily, Daddy went outside with them while I stayed inside with the baby. Snow is much more fun with Daddy!

That leads me to our summer and winter gem....the hill in our backyard. It's not very visible in this picture, but it's behind the kids to the left. I spend the better half of a year cursing this hill, and the other half of the year loving it!

In the spring and fall, the hill leads to HUGE puddles in our backyard. We are situated at almost the lowest point in the neighborhood, and so the rain collects in massive muddy puddles right in front of our swing set. I don't even let the kids go in the backyard when they puddles are there...they are quickly covered in mud. This leads to unhappy kids and an even unhappier mommy! the summer, the hill has been awesome for slip-n-slide. The kids have spent hours running up the hill before sliding down in fits of laughter and glee. I will really miss sitting under the covered patio on those hopelessly humid summer days and watching my kids entertain themselves for hours (our new backyard is flat).

And, snow means sledding! As I write this, my own children are downstairs watching a movie, but the junior high age neighbor kids are borrowing the hill. Again, free entertainment provided by God's that!

We are moving in 12 days. Yikes...better get off the computer and start packing again! Memories of this house will no doubt fade, but I bet I will always hear the echo of my children's laughter on that hill. Can't wait to discover new gems at our new house.

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