Saturday, December 8, 2012

You'll never guess...

why Lucy was taking this bath. She looks so happy, huh!? She was absolutely thrilled to be splashing around. So joyful...despite the fact that she was in there because she just threw up all over herself. baby has the stomach bug that's going around :(.

I love this special time of year, BUT, it is also stomach virus season (or at least it has been for the last 6 years in my house). Funny, I don't remember this season before I had children!  Even when I taught, I managed to avoid the yucky ones. Not anymore...

Last Christmas Day I spent the entire afternoon in the emergency room. Instead of enjoying the "Santa Came!" moments, I was in the bathroom feeling Horrendous (which is why I am so amused by Lucy's demeanor in the tub last night!).

If I wasn't pregnant, I probably wouldn't have needed an I.V., but I was very dehydrated and started having contractions which made me nervous. WHEN (it hasn't been an 'if' lately!) I get the stomach bug myself this year, I at least hope that it is not on December 25th again :).

This part of parenthood surely isn't fun. I can handle the countless colds, ear infections, and strep throats, but the stomach bugs require extra special graces! I need to lean on God a lot more when there are multiple sleepless nights and so much cleanup and laundry.

I DO always get through it with God's help, and it's never as bad as I anticipated (well, better not say that out loud...3 of my children still haven't been sick yet!). And, of course, I do realize how very blessed I am to have healthy children who heal quickly. God bless all parents with sick children.

At least this time, I am blessed with an adorable, chubby, happy little patient (Lucy). If she does get sick again, at least I know she'll enjoy the tub...and so will I!

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