Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shine On!

Last night was Gianna's Christmas show at Holy Name of Jesus School. It was in a very crowded, hot gym, and the kindergarteners only sang one verse of Away in a Manger....from the bleachers (they did not even get up on stage)!

I went by myself. Good thing...it would have been a nightmare trying to keep the rest of our crew patiently quiet and sitting still (a lot of waiting). I heard a lot of young children melting around me, and I was grateful that Daddy was at home with everyone else!

If you can't tell, I really wasn't that excited about the show! I had to drag myself there, hoping that I would get home before the baby needed to go to sleep. I know that these are the moments that a lot of parents live for, but because we have so many young children right now, I could think of a hundred other things that I would rather be doing...especially in the early evening as I am usually so tired and ready to begin the bedtime routine (because there is "me" time on the other side of bedtime!).

In spite of Scrooge (ME), Gianna had the time of her young life! She literally skipped into the gym (loving her new sparkly shoes!), and sang her heart out. After the short(!) program (K-4 went first and then there was an intermission before the older kids so we got to leave...great planning!), she found me with a huge grin.

"Mommy, wasn't that an awesome show!? How did we sound? Did you see me? Did you hear me? Do you think that Jesus liked the show?" I snapped this picture before we skipped back to the car. That is JOY on her face. I was very proud and happy that I had shared this moment with my daughter.

Gianna happily chatted all the way home. I was lost in thought. Memories came rushing back to me of my Catholic school Christmas shows! First, 3rd, and 6th grades especially stand out in my mind. One thing that I remember VERY clearly is nerves. Even if I was just singing in a big group, I remember being absolutely terrified to get on stage. Luckily, Gianna did not seem nervous at all.

I had a flashback to three years ago (you know...yesterday!). Gianna had her very first nursery school Christmas show. She looked so pretty and I couldn't wait to see her on stage. She never even sang a note...she spotted me in the crowd and walked right off the stage! I was horrified. What a very long way she has come!!!

God willing, last night was the first of many Christmas shows for Gianna. I can't make any promises, but I will try to have a much better attitude next year. I just pray that she doesn't lose her innocence, fearlessness, and desire to perform. "YES," I told her. "Jesus LOVED your show...and so did I."

Shine on, Gianna!

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