Saturday, December 15, 2012

Me too...

I just got back from a 5-year-old's birthday party. Everyone in my son Joseph's class was invited, and we all had such a nice time. I love this age...everyone is welcome and included.

There was confusion for a few days because a few of the boys did not receive their invitation (they were absent when they were handed out). Thankfully, it was all worked out with the help of a few mom detectives, and there were no hard feelings. I love that the moms can still make everything all right...I know these days are numbered :(.

Of course, we kept bringing up the school shooting in Connecticut. Even when as a group we would decisively move on to the next topic, it would come up again. As parents, our hearts are absolutely broken for those parents who lost their children. All around me I kept hearing, "I am so thankful for my kids. I am so blessed."

And so I add....ME TOO!

I can only pray that the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding will guard the hearts and minds of those families.  Rest in peace sweet babies.

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