Thursday, December 6, 2012

Out of this world...

Joseph wore this new sleeper last night. It has stars, the moon, and rockets all over it. Thus, when I tucked him in, I suggested that his dreams might just be "out of this world."

This morning he came down to breakfast with a sullen face. I asked how he slept. He informed me that he could not wear the sleeper again. I thought he might have been got down to 25 degrees last night.

Nope! Rather, he informed me that he didn't have any dreams last night, and he needed them to "come back into the world." So, we must get rid of this sleeper. HA!

Today is also December 6th, the feast of St. Nicholas. We told the kids to put their shoes out last night so that Daddy and Mommy could put a treat in them in honor of St. Nicholas and the good deeds that he did when he was alive.

In past years, it has gotten rather confusing for them (and for me as I tried to answer their questions thoughtfully!). Last year they asked, "So, St. Nicholas comes down from heaven and puts things in my shoes?! How is St. Nicholas different from Santa Claus? Do St. Nick and Santa Claus know each other? Is it Christmas Eve!?"

My favorite are the size-2 Mary Jane's in the middle. Gianna insisted on putting Lucy's shoes out. She must have figured that she (Lucy) needed something better than all the peas and bananas that I feed her!

St. Nicholas, Pray for us.

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