Thursday, December 13, 2012


Because it's hard for us to travel to see the grandparents (it's a 7-hour car ride to both Columbus, OH and Boston, MA!), we don't see them often. Unless...they come to see us! And then, we enjoy every minute of making very special memories.

My in-laws are here from Ohio right now. My children are in heaven with all the extra attention from Grandpa (above), Grandma, Aunt Laura, and Chickie the dog! I could barely get my kindergartener on the bus the past two days...she doesn't want to miss a minute of the three short days that they are here.

One thing that keeps hitting me...I love seeing my children through their (grandparent's) eyes. My husband and I think our children are so pretty, handsome, adorable, smart, you name it, all the time (well...most of the time!).

But, their grandparents also think that they are the BEST (even more so, because they don't have to handle all the discipline, meltdowns, etc.!). Grandparents have such an unconditional love for their grandchildren...just because they are alive. Priceless! Perhaps I wouldn't appreciate this bond as much if I got to see it in action more frequently.

It is a gift for us to spend time with family as Christmas approaches! As I watch my children with their grandparents, everything seems new again....even the Chocolate World ride in Hershey, PA that we have been on 500 times!

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