Monday, December 24, 2012

Have yourself a simple little Christmas!

Yesterday my husband said, "I think the kids would enjoy making Christmas cookies." He said it simply...just like that.

I had two familiar gut-wrenching reactions in a row.

The first one was DREAD. NO...ABSOLUTELY NOT. Too messy...too many fights...not enough patience in the world to make cookies with four elves.

That was very quickly replaced with the second one, GUILT. How could a mother not want to make Christmas cookies with her children?! I have seen all the pictures on Facebook...priceless memories of children with big smiles covered in flour. Plus, there were so many beautiful homemade reindeer cookies for preschool snack this month (poor Joseph only brought in a bag of pretzels and fruit gummies this week!).

One thing that I am learning (slowly) as an adult is that I am much happier when I do not compare myself to others. Don't we learn this lesson over and over again throughout our lives!?

There was a good two years when I was not on Facebook. I found that I would be in a fabulous mood when I logged on....only to see pictures of someone having *seemingly* the best time at work, or at a party, or on vacation, or looking like a million bucks when I was either pregnant or struggling to lose baby weight. I would log off a few minutes later...good mood ruined! I was perfectly happy with my amazing life (I did know that I was very blessed) until I compared my life to others. Seeds of jealousy were planted...and they can be destructive.

I also kept thinking that the whole concept (Facebook and social media) is SO not what God wanted from me (or for others). In my few spare moments, I wanted to read something inspiring and deep...not everyone's opinion about nothing. It seemed to be so "ME" focused.

Luckily, Facebook and I have made friends. In order to become a columnist on, I had to start up my Facebook page again.

I "liked" a couple of great Catholic sights, so now prayers and inspiration come right into my feed. Seeds of jealousy can't take root as I quickly click to a soul-feeding article or blog. And, I can  keep up friendships with family and friends that I don't see that often, all the while just ignoring things that would have bothered me in the past. I have come to see that there are benefits of social media.

Back to cookies.

"Yes," I replied. The children probably would enjoy making Christmas cookies.

I went to the grocery store and bought a refrigerated roll of cut-and-bake sugar cookies, some vanilla frosting, and a bag of Christmas M&Ms. SIMPLE. It's what I can handle right comparisons!

My husband just spent an hour decorating them with the kids (after all, it was his idea!).  He added his own touches of food coloring and sprinkles. I stayed upstairs...I enjoyed listening to memories in the making... Daddy style!

The end result...

Perfectly simple Christmas cookies for happy children and parents!

Wishing you and your families a most blessed and simple Christmas! Thank you for reading my blog this year. I am privileged and honored to share this journey with you!

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