Thursday, February 14, 2013

As I can...

Here's my littlest sweet today.

My other Valentines are making it a special day too. Gianna and Cecilia were up early (shocking...happened twice in one week!) to give me my card. Gianna had traced all the kids' hands and labeled their names. She even tried to trace Lucy's...what a special keepsake!

Joseph couldn't wait to get out of the school building today to give me his card that he had made at school. He was so proud of it. I'm going to need a bigger keepsake box's a huge box, but it's filling right up!

No big plans the rest of the day...only three kids to the dentist and then using our Olive Garden gift cards so I don't have to cook tonight (woo hoo!). But, it still feels like a very special day. The sun is bright in the sky, the temperature is pretty mild, and the kids are all healthy and in great moods. I really can't ask for more than this!!!

As it is Lent now, I have set goals to pray more (in addition to giving up all sweets after dinner...I quickly decided that popcorn didn't count as a treat last night as I was about to gnaw off my arm!). I really wanted to pray the Rosary. I love this prayer, and it has been incredibly powerful in my life.

One problem...I can't seem to get through it! Yesterday I really tried. I got through five Hail Mary's before a child called me. Three another time before I heard the timer go off in the distance. Two more before Justin woke up his nap. I tried while driving...and I think I started the same Hail Mary at least six times before losing count and giving up.

I know I should get up early...or say it after the kids go to bed. But, my brain just seems to shut off after 8 p.m. every night. Or, I should stop blogging and pray. Excuses!!!

I was reading an article in a Catholic magazine while eating lunch. The line that jumped off the page at me is this:


I love that. I often feel so guilty when I can't devote time to prayer (although I know that taking care of my family is a prayer)...but, maybe I don't have to.

So, I'm going to look up some shorter devotions (I found one called Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus that I'd like to say) and other less known prayers. I still want to say the Rosary...but I'm thinking maybe 1-2 times a week instead of every day.

I will just do what I can (sounds obvious...but, I'm often the last to know!).

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