Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Figured out...

Joseph doesn't have preschool on Wednesdays. I will miss him when he goes to full-day kindergarten next year, but sometimes Wednesday seems like the longest day of the week!

I think the 2-1/2 hours of preschool on the other days is really good for him...he really enjoys it (although he's not always motivated to get there!), and it allows me some time with the younger ones (who seem a whole lot more content doing "nothing" than Joseph does!).

Today is Wednesday. It didn't start off well. Joseph, Cecilia, and Justin were playing in the basement this morning when Lucy napped. Every 5 minutes, either Cecilia or Justin was crying...and claiming that big brother had done something to them. I was more than ready to head out the door to a play date by 9:30! Luckily, it was just the change of scenery we needed...we all enjoyed the time with our friends!

After dropping Cecilia off at preschool this afternoon, we came home so that the younger two can nap. Joseph was most helpful...he wanted to tuck Justin in (Justin is starting to protest his crib, so he's napping in Joseph's bed...UH OH...2-1/2 is when most of my kids have given up their nap!). Joseph made sure Justin was very comfortable in his bed.

Then Joseph hung out as I nursed Lucy. I could tell he was thinking about something. Then he told me.

"Mom, I figured it out!" I waited for an explanation. Here it is:

Girls like white milk (it just so happens that my older girls do prefer white milk to chocolate milk. And, clearly Lucy does too! I'm not sure if Joseph thought I made him chocolate milk when he was nursed!).

Boys like chocolate milk.

Moms like coffee (definitely true for this mom, and he does witness lots of moms drinking coffee at play dates, the preschool cafe, etc.). Yeah for caffeine to help moms get through the day :).

Dads like soda (definitely true for his dad!).

That was it. I could tell he was proud.

Gianna was trying to figure out something last night. "Mom, how did Baby Jesus come out of Mary if there was no doctor there to take the baby out?" Luckily, we had to hurry out the door to Daisies. I'm glad Joseph is just figuring out beverages :)!

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