Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow the leader...

There are very few things that excite my children as much as their preschool leader days! On leader day, they get to bring the snack as well as a book and show-and-tell. They get special jobs like ringing the bell when it's time to clean up. Today is Cecilia's leader day...she had to wait all the way until Friday...which was torture :).

I was never much of a leader in school. I didn't go to preschool. I had three younger siblings at home, so my parents figured I had enough socialization!

Of course, I don't fault my parents (I understand now more than ever than they were doing the best they could!), but I really think I would've benefited from a year or two of preschool. I remember kindergarten...and I was afraid of my own shadow! I was very shy (and very young...I had only just turned 5 in August), and everything was so overwhelming.

My daughter Gianna was a whole year older than I was when she started kindergarten. Since she has a September birthday, she had to wait a whole extra year! I think she was probably ready last year, but she is doing SO well in kindergarten. The work seems to come (fairly!) easy, and she seems to have lots of friends. I am so thrilled that she is having such a wonderful year. Maybe the extra year was just what she needed to blossom (and, God gave her a September b-day...He knows what he's doing!).

Cecilia has a July birthday, so she will go to kindergarten at 5. And, I think she will be ready. In fact, I think she would really enjoy kindergarten now! She loves to learn, and she can't get to school fast enough (especially on leader day!).

I guess everyday is my leader day :). I make almost all the decisions, and I am responsible for...just about everything. Somehow, my leader days seem a bit more stressful than Cecilia's!

God, please help me to lead my family with wisdom, kindness (see last post!), and a selfless heart. Please help me to value each of my children individually...and to help them to develop their talents and their time (and Your time), not my time.

Tomorrow is the weekend...maybe Daddy can be the leader and Mommy can take a break :).

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