Monday, February 4, 2013

Slowing Down...

We are enjoying our new home. As Joseph was getting in the car after preschool today, he told me that he likes our new house better than our old house. Phew...because we can't go back (even though I have inadvertently driven to our old house twice now!).

There are lots of benefits to our new house (more room to play being a key one...for Joseph, especially!). But, one that sticks out to me is that we are able to slow down.

Yesterday afternoon we had no plans after church and a few errands. In our old house, this lack of plans would send me into a panic. If we stayed home all afternoon, I reasoned, the kids would be bouncing off the walls...and there just weren't that many walls to bounce off of :). I knew that we were very blessed to have a nice home, but I wasn't very patient with my children when we were all confined in a small space for hours on end.

Now, however, we can spend our afternoons at home...with me at peace (for the most part!). The kids still bounce off the walls...but they can mix it up a bit more! And, they can run. All five of them (Lucy was in last fair when you're on all fours!) were going in circles...the living room into the dining room, dining room into the kitchen, kitchen into the hallway...and back again! I was going to stop them, but my husband reminded me that it was so nice to have a house where they could do this when it is too cold to run around outside!

I have also discovered that staying home more saves on gas (bonus!), and there is more time to just enjoy each other's company. Last night after dinner, the kids put on a "show" for us. I had to hide my hysterical laughter (and not very well!) many times. But, it was fun...and silly...and together. The old tenant of this house left a saying on the basement wall: Together is the best place to be. Indeed (I just need to remind myself sometimes!).

I just saw a Mother Teresa quote (love those!) that affirms my feelings.

She is speaking of our culture...

"....we have no time for our children, we have no time for each other; there is no time to enjoy each other. In the home, begins the disruption of the peace of the world."

I have to go pick up my girls from school in a little while. After that, we have no plans. This is okay...but, I still dread the 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. least favorite hour in the day! Many of my friends agree. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a house big enough to help me during that hour. Maybe Mother Teresa will pray for me!

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